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Instructions for Presentations

Oral Session Guidelines  New!
Time Allocation
Plenary:45 min = 40 min + 5 min (discussion)
Invited:30 min = 25 min + 5 min (discussion)
Contributed:15 min = 12 min + 3 min (discussion)

Bell Timing
1st bell (1 time)35 min20 min10 min
2nd bell = discussion (2 times)40 min25 min12 min
3rd bell = ending (3 times)45 min30 min15 min

  • The conference room will be equipped with the followings:
       - LCD projector
       - Screen
       - Laptop PC running Windows; Microsoft Office with wired mouse
       - Microphone
       - Laser pointer
  • Speakers may also provide their own laptops.

  • A VGA plug with switching box and a HDMI plug will be provided. Any adapters to VGA or HDMI should be provided by the presenter.

  • To request other specialty equipment, please contact ISCOM2017 operations office during the meeting.

  • Poster Session Guidelines  New!
  • All poster materials must be confined to A0 size (841mm x 1189mm) display board. Each presenter has one entire side of one poster board to use.

  • Posters can be set up from 10:00 AM on September 25. Poster numbers supplied by ISCOM2017 and pushpins will be placed on each poster board.

  • All posters must be set up at least one hour before the poster session I, on September 25.

  • Authors must remain with their posters for the duration of their scheduled session as indicated in the schedule below.

  • All posters must remain up until the end of the poster session III, and then must be removed before 22:00 on the day, September 27.

  • Schedule
    Poster Session 1
    Monday, September 25: Authors of ODD numbers

    Poster Session 2
    Tuesday, September 26: Authors of EVEN numbers

    Poster Session 3
    Wednesday, September 27: ANY authors can remain with their posters.
    All students who have applied the Poster Award should remain at this time.

    Poster Award Ceremony
    Thursday, September 28: Poster Award Ceremony will be held in the banquet.

    Photography and Video Policy
  • On the grounds of copyright, please refrain from taking photos or videos of slides/posters until given permission by authors.

  • ISCOM2017 staff will take snapshots of presenters and group photos.

  • Withdrawal Notices
    If you need to withdraw your presentation, notify the chair and secretary by email.